Some notes on 35mm Photography

For comparison purposes, here is a photo of the power plant detailed on the digital photo page:

With a simple SLR you can do fairly sophisticated astrophotography using a cheap telescope for guiding, or guiding with a simple rifle sight. With a nromal lense you can take up to a 15-20 second (depending on sky location) exposure and pick up detail not visible to the naked eye. Here is a hand guided shot of Cassiopia from a relatively dark location (Catskills).

Here is a slide of the big dipper at about the same exposure, unguided in Queens, NY. Note the "light pollution".

Here is a slide show of Mars traveling through the constellation Gemeni in 1992-3, exhibiting retrograde motion. The slides were 15 second exposures taken by Gerry Mannarino in Tarrytown, NY. Note that the slides show alot more detail than in the slide show. The slides were purposely under exposed when capturing in order to make Mars motion more obvious. Here is a slide exposed longer: