Space Station Photos
with Fuji Finepix 3800

The pictures below were take with the camera mounted on a tripod and pointed towards the north from Queens, NY as the International Space Station flew over. The station is quite bright and easily seen as it zips over head. To find out when it is visible go to satelite tracking web page.

The camera was to manual "Nite Scene" mode which will take up to a 4 second exposure, so the line in the photographs is how fast the station moves accross the sky in 4 seconds. In some shots the line is not straight because of camera shake. (A remote control for the camera would be nice.) The line across the pictures is the telephone wire going accross the backyard. (Its hard to find an open space in Queens.) Note the picutres are "raw" from the camera - only compressed and resized. The pictures can be processed in a picture program to show more stars. (Increase brightness and contrast.)

To see sequence of shots click the following 4 buttons---