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Thomas R. Yaskowitz


February 25th 1940 - January 12th 2013
We Miss You Uncle Tom

Early Years

Tom was born and raised in New York City's Lower East Side. He never talked much about hs early years except to say that he was mostly raised by his Maternal Grandmother. His was a life of hardship as he would have liked to go to college but had to go to work to support his Grandmother and younger sibling.


Thomas was a good student and gradualted from Seward Park High School.

After High School Tom worked in the office ofa major Real Estate Landlord/Developer;

Tom wanted to go to College part time to earn his degree. He unfortunately lost this job and had a tough time, living at and working for a while as the night manager in an SRO hotel. He eventually learned bar tending and spent most of his adult life as a bar tender. He had long stints at the Quiet Man, Kilroys and Jimmy's Corner. (The first two establishments closed as a result of the changes to the character of the Tiems Square area. Jimmy's corner at 140 W44th St. is still a thriving establishment.)


Of course like all true New Yorkers Tom was a Yankee Fan:

Perhaps because of his own "Hard Scrabble" life Tom was a Country & Western music fan. He was particularly fond of Merle Haggard, Lorretta Lynn and Dolly Pardon,

He are some pictures of Tom with some of his many friends. (Our apologies for anybody we may have missed. If you would like to send a pciture you can contact us using our Contact Form here.):




Beth - a friend to the end:

Here a few picutres from the Fishing Trips that Jimmy's Corner used to sponsor for the regulars.

When Niki was born, it was like love at first sight:

So Tom Adopted the Kontolefa family as friend, confidant and almot a second father, beoming our Uncle Tom:


Tom has been in our home for Christmas every year that we can remember. This past Christmas with Tom in the Hospital was very somber.


Our last dinner for Barbara's Birthday.